Albrecht Durer was born on May 21,1471 in Nurenburg. His father, a Hungarian goldsmith, trained young Durer as a metalworker. Durer was able to apply these skills and meticulous methods in this delicate  work to his copper engravings, woodcuts and other productions. His other works included: altar pieces, potraits, self-portraits, and religious motifs. Durer began painting in 1484 and ten years later married Agnes Frey.  Besides becoming a grest German painter, he also was a printmaker and theorist. to develop himself as an artist, Durer traveled to Italy where he was influenced by Giovanni Bellini's style. He said his journeys enabled him to fuse the Gothic traitions of the North with the broad use of perspective, proportion, and color of the Italian artists. some of his greatest pieces are: The Adoration of the Magi; the Apocolypse series; Knight, Death, and the Devil; a Young Hare; Saint Jerome in his Study; and Melencolia I.    


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